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How to write for positive environmental impact

Are you trying to write or create content to inspire positive environmental or social change? How do you make your message stand out in a world of noise?

Here’s a tip. Write for just one person. Think about what matters to them and what might spark their interest.

In marketing we might call this a “persona”, but it doesn’t always have to be that complicated.

When I’m writing content to encourage a particular community to change their behaviour to help the environment, for example, I have a picture of a person in my mind.

She’s a mum. She lives in my country town. She has two young children and she loves gardening. She is kind. She’s trying to do the very best she can, but she’s busy juggling work, life and all the things. I have no doubt she wishes for a fairer and better world.

Is she a figment of my imagination? No, she’s a real-life person. I know her.

See, the thing is, if you’re working on topics that are close to your heart, there’s a high likelihood you will already know these people. They will be in your circle, standing right in front of you. Look to your friends, your family, your community.

Choose a person and write for them. Write to them. Because that one person represents so many people in the world, and all their hopes and dreams.

Inspire them.

Delight them.

Above all, connect with them.

What do you think? Do you think this would help you in your work?

About the author

Justine McClymont is an Australian environment, climate and sustainability copywriter and content writer. She helps NGOs, purpose-led brands and creative agencies make a positive impact on the planet by creating copy and content with purpose.